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94" German Single (sold)

94" German single manual lautenwerk/harpsichord hybrid with an extended keyboard range of 66 notes (AAA-d3). It has one 8' lute choir and one 4' lute choir. Reposition your hands down an octave and you instantly have 16'and 8' choirs. There is an extra rank of jacks for the 4' choir. Both ranks can be engaged simultaneously to imitate the sound a lutenist produces when using a strong pluck. The 18th century English harpsichord builder, Shudi, built a series of harpsichords with a similar wide keyboard range from CC to f3. It is likely that these were made to allow the use of the 16' effect for continuo and improvisation

German Single Keyboard


German Single Soundboard


Parchment Rose

Parchment Rose

German Single Full View

Full View

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