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Listen to Sorli Harpsichords and Lautenwercke

Keyed Lyre
Keyed Lyre 8', 4'/16'

Suite de Clavicin en Re composed and performed by Albano Berberi

Ercole Pasquini - Anche col partire Performed by Juan Mesa

Dieterich Buxtehude - Fuga and Ciacona from Toccata in G BuxWV 165 Performed by Juan Mesa

* * *


Johann A. Reincken - Allemande and Sarabande in G - Performed by Sebastian Bottone, graduate of the Hartt School

Andrea Gabrieli - Canzon Detta "Qui La Dira" - Performed by Juan Mesa

William Byrd - Monsieurs Alman - Performed by Juan Mesa

William Inglot - The Leaves Bee Greene - Performed by Juan Mesa

F. Couperin - Les Baricades Misterieuses

* * *
Keyed Lyre Mother and ChildKeyed Lyre Mother and Child

Improvisation by Sebastian Bottone

* * *

Gut-Strung Clavicytherium
This demonstration of the Gut-strung Clavicytherium is played by Boston harpsichordist Andrus Madsen

Download: Martin Peerson - The Fall of the Leafe (3 MB)

Download: Martin Peerson - The Primerose (1.7 MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Chloe's Lullaby (2.75MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Improvised Ciaccona in G (2.2 MB)

Download: Giovanni Salvatore - Corrent II (1.4 MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Improvised Prelude in G (3.5 MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Improvised Prelude in d minor (4.2 MB)

Download: J. S. Bach - Prelude in C BWV 846 (4.2 MB)

* * *

Gut-Strung Clavicytherium
Watch YouTube videos of Ryan Layne Whitney playing his clavicytherium:

Scarlatti - Sonata in E-flat, K. 307

Rameau - L'Egyptienne

J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue in d minor, WTC I

Scarlatti - Sonata in G, K. 260

The following YouTube link is by Mark Shuldiner:

Mark Shuldiner YouTube

* * *

German Double
Demonstration of the 17th Century Style German Double

Download: J. J. Froberger - Suite 19 in c minor - Allemande and Gigue

Download: J. J. Froberger - Suite 19 - Courante and Sarabande

Download: Martin Peerson - The Primerose

Download: Francois Couperin - Premier Prelude

* * *

Pedal Board Clavicytherium
Demonstration of Pedal Board Clavicytherium

J. S. Bach BWV 599 "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland"
1 x 8' pedal, 1 x 8' manual

William Croft - O God, Our Help "St. Anne"
2 x 8' pedal, 2 x 8' manual

Pedal instrument alone, first 1 x 8' followed by 2 x 8'

YouTube Video of Nathan Mondry improvising on his Pedal Board Clavicytherium

* * *

Celestial Lautenwerk Soundboard View Wrestplank View
This demonstration is of the 64" Celestial Lautenwerk with two jacks plucking the same string.
Performed by Giuseppe Schinaia of the University of Rome

Download: J.-H. d'Anglebert - Prelude non mesure

Download: J.-H. d'Anglebert - Chaconne in C

* * *

Lautenwerck Single Manual
This demonstration of the 65" Lautenwerk is an improvisation by Andrus Madsen

Download: Andrus Madsen - Prelude (3.6 MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Fugue (3.2 MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Andante (2.5 MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Gigue (4.2 MB)

Download: Andrus Madsen - Adagio (5.8 MB)


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